Edmonton PPM August 30 - November 28, 2010

Edmonton PPM ratings 2+

Edmonton PPM August 30 - November 28, 2010

Postby radiofan » Thu Dec 09, 2010 10:39 am

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Re: Edmonton PPM August 30 - November 28, 2010

Postby Neumann Sennheiser » Thu Dec 09, 2010 11:19 am

It looks like country, both CISN and CFCW, chiseled away chunks from most of the contemporary formats and did very well.
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Re: Edmonton PPM August 30 - November 28, 2010

Postby Mike Cleaver » Thu Dec 09, 2010 11:27 am

Wonder how much longer Corus will allow INews to live?
Expensive to do format with little return.
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Re: Edmonton PPM August 30 - November 28, 2010

Postby jon » Thu Dec 09, 2010 11:51 am

The incremental cost of running iNews880, sharing a Newsroom with CHED, compared with the cost of running CHED on its own, given how strong a News/Sport/Traffic station CHED is, is a far cry from the budget of a stand-alone All News station.

Plus, to paraphrase the old MasterCard TV commercials: "Incremental Cost of iNews880, half a million a year; Value of keeping Rogers out of the market, priceless."
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Re: Edmonton PPM August 30 - November 28, 2010

Postby albertaboy4life » Thu Dec 09, 2010 1:12 pm

CORUS Alberta is also stretching its utilisation of the Edmonton Radio Newsroom by running the newcasts after 6 p.m. seven days a week originating at CHED on CHQR Calgary. That move has driven me to 660News along with the move of Rob Breakenridge's show to 9 p.m.

Pretty sad to think that the two most listened two AM radio stations in the province with exuberant claims of "news leadership" don't warrant two or three more newscasters to provide live, local news 24 hours a day. In 'QR's case it's not unheard of to have the CHED newscast's start butchered as the clocks on the two stations don't line up all that well. Case in point being the 10 p.m newscasts on Sunday's where 'QR can't seem to end the pre-recorded talk show in time to meet the start of the newscast coming from CHED. The news logo and bed for each station is different as well so 'QR's listeners get to hear two beds at once at the start of the simulcast newscasts.
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Hicks on Six's last ratings

Postby jon » Thu Dec 16, 2010 10:41 pm

Latest radio ratings: Aug 30 to Nov. 28, 2010
graham.hicks - December 16th, 2010

Here’s the latest BBM radio ratings for the Edmonton market, by market share, share being a combination of total number of listeners and time listened. This is for all ages, all in. Remember most radio stations target certain segments of the listening audience, so they may downplay over-all rankings.
1. CISN, 11.0
2. CHED 10.4
3. Now FM 8.5
4. Capital FM 8.0
5. The Bear 7.1
6. Joe FM 6.6
7. K97 6.5
8. CBC Radio 1 5.8
9. Sonic FM 5.8
10. EZ Rock, 5.3
11. CFCW 5.2
12. Bounce FM 4.5
13. Up! FM 2.5
14. CBC Radio 2 2.3
15. The Team AM 1260 2.2
16. All-new i880 1.8
17. The Sound: 0.6

Stations not listed do not belong to the Bureau of Broadcast Measurement, i.e. Hot 107 FM, CKUA, World FM, Shine and The Light and others.

Good for CISN, coming in first place for the first time in many many years. Not that the Number 2 station CHED is worried, as both are owned by Corus Entertainment and operate out of the same building on the South Side. CISN is generally regarded as the best-run country FM station in Canada. Hard work and high standards pays off!

Of the new stations opening this year, Now FM, Up! and The Sound, Now is the big successful story hanging in over several ratings periods at third or four in the market, a remarkable feat for a new station. With Up! and The Sound, it’s far too early to draw any conclusions.

As has been long predicted, with so many stations competing in the pop music, 24 to 50 year old age group, a vast middle is opening up of a 4 to 6 share.

You have to wonder when Corus Entertainment will run out of patience with iNews 880, which has been on-air for several years now, has plenty of labour costs, yet stays stubbornly under a 2 share.

ref. - http://blogs.canoe.ca/hicksonsix/genera ... v-28-2010/
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