Edmonton PPM Aug 29, 2016 - November 27, 2016

Edmonton PPM ratings 2+

Edmonton PPM Aug 29, 2016 - November 27, 2016

Postby radiofan » Wed Dec 07, 2016 7:14 pm

Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who couldn't hear the music.
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Re: Edmonton PPM Aug 29, 2016 - November 27, 2016

Postby Rocky » Wed Dec 14, 2016 2:38 pm

I wonder if any of us will live long enough to see Harvard have any success in Edmonton? The Locker Room is a disaster. Maybe instead of tossing Nicola Crosby, they'd have been wiser to keep her and
teamed her with Audie Lynds rather than keeping Cross and adding his stable of potty mouthed pals. The way that show is now, it might appeal to 16 year old punks who get off on fart jokes.

Along with Harvard, is there any future for Virgin? It's way past it's best before date.

Like so many markets today, Edmonton has too many stations and few are giving anybody a reason to tune in.
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Re: Edmonton PPM Aug 29, 2016 - November 27, 2016

Postby jon » Tue Jan 24, 2017 10:07 am

Better late than never: just discovered this review of the ratings by the legendary Pat Holiday:

Edmonton PPMs
By Pat Holiday
Wed, 12/21/2016 - 07:56

I think I’ve written about NOW continually getting stronger for the past 5 ratings or so, which was crazy amazing. Well, that stopped, although it’s still super-strong and still on top.

Women 12+ are owned by NOW with a 5-share lead. CHED owns the 12+ men with a 4-share lead. An item of note, CHED is up 4 ½ shares in men and 2 ½ in women. UP is up 3-shares in women.

Adults 25-54. Crazy movements here. NOW is still #1 but off a share. CHED jumps from 7th to second because of a 3-share increase. SONIC is up a share but still third. CISN is fourth but off a couple share points. Then comes UP! It picked up 3-shares and jumps from 9th to 5th.

Trending up: CHED, SONIC, UP!

Trending down: Bounce (3 in a row), K-97, & Virgin (3 in a row), and HOT107

Females 25-54 – Lots of women flipping stations but the top 5 remain the same. NOW still has a 10-share lead over #2 CISN (off 2 shares). SONIC gains a share and a ½ for third. UP jumps 3 ½ shares for fourth, while Capital picks up a share and stays in fifth.

Trending up: SONIC, UP! (3 in a row), Capital

Trending down: Bounce, Virgin (3 in a row), K97, Bounce

Males 25-54 – Clearly the guys in Edmonton wanted to know what’s going on this book. CHED gained a strong 4-½ shares and jumped from 3rd to 1st. NOW is down 1-½ shares and in second. The Bear is third followed by SONIC and K97.

UP gained 3 shares, TSN Team1260 jumped 1 ½, and Capital 2-shares.

Trending up: CHED, Sonic, &CFCW

Trending down: BEAR, K97 and Bounce

And a little something for those under the age of 35…

Adults 18-34. Here we go again for CHED. It was 6th, now it’s third with a 4-share jump. That says something about younger people being engaged in their world more than sometimes they get credit for. You can see this in most markets and it’s been a slow trend now over the past few books. This book it’s not so slow. Of course the world’s been a lot crazier over the past year so why wouldn’t they wade into the info action?

Top 5: NOW, SONIC, CHED, CISN, and The Bear.

Trending up: SONIC (3 in a row), CHED

Trending down: CISN, The Bear, UP

Splitting hairs and their demos even farther:

In Women 18-34, NOW! is down two shares again this book but still is #1 with young ladies. The lead is now only 3 shares over #2. Bounce is third; Virgin up to fourth (they’ve been on a strong climb the past few books), and CISN Country is fifth.

Trending up: SONIC, Virgin (3 in a row), CHED, CFRN

Trending down: CISN, NOW, UP, and K97 (3 in a row)

Males 18-34. Sonic is #1 again with young guys. They’re up 60% in the past 9 months. NOW is second. CHED moves up a rank to third with a 4-share jump. The Bear and K97 fill out the top 5. It’s a fairly tight race with the top 4 here. Bounce is down 3-shares this book.

Trending up: SONIC and CHED. Both are up 3 ratings in a row.

Trending down: UP
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