Mastermind gone from Flow 93.5 Toronto

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Mastermind gone from Flow 93.5 Toronto

Postby DenMan1965 » Wed Mar 11, 2020 4:11 pm

Just read on Broadcast Dialogue that Mastermind was let go from Flow. He is being replaced by a national syndicate Hip Hop program from the United States. This just makes me so mad. Guess there are not enough good talent in Canada anymore. First here in Calgary we get Willy in The Morning on Q107 which is totally stupid. He does not live in this market what would he know about Calgary. 2 SAIT is eliminating the CSTR ( Cinema Stage and Radio Arts). Soon there will be no more original content in any Canadian city. This really sucks. Rant over

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Re: Mastermind gone from Flow 93.5 Toronto

Postby paterson » Mon Mar 16, 2020 9:42 am

Looks like the new syndicated "Breakfast Club" morning show is on hold. Blake and Peter Kash were on FLOW this morning. I guess Stingray realized bringing in an out of market New York morning show would not be a good idea during a health crisis. Can't see the "Breakfast Club" telling people what is or not open in Toronto, or giving any updates from the province or the city. Doesn't matter what a radio stations format is, during times like these, every station is expected to be a service to the public.

Apparently all references to the Breakfast Club on FLOW 93.5 on line and social media have been removed.
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