Changing license conditions due financial problems

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Changing license conditions due financial problems

Postby RationalKeith » Wed Dec 10, 2014 3:23 pm

Apropos the cases where a radio station got CRTC approval on the promise to serve a particular community or play a certain type of music or such, then got license conditions changed on the basis of financial difficulty:

In the book “National Treasure (The History of Trans Canada Airlines)” by Peter Pigott, Grant McConachie of Canadian Pacific Airlines was regularly accused of getting approval for a route through a secondary place then coming back pleading for better or onward routing to improve finances.

The whole airline business in Canada had a sorry history of government interference, including the startup of TCA. Even a name change to Air Canada was blocked for many years by politicians, despite its advantages of , being bilingual, better for marketing around the world, and administratively easier.

One federal government was against private enterprise (the mystic PM), later ones less so. Of course financial regulation was a circus like broadcasting - you have to reveal your business case in public.

And today in SW BC we have of course the politics of BC Ferries being pressured to serve small places (though I understand they get a subsidy for them, and that at least one small run actually makes money - the short simple Crofton-Vesuvius run (Cowichan Valley to Salt Spring Island).
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