Fewer CHIP Home Equity Commercials on Sunday??

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Fewer CHIP Home Equity Commercials on Sunday??

Postby paterson » Wed Jan 30, 2019 7:00 pm

On the CTV website they have a feature on the big "How to Watch Super Bowl LIII" section on the site. This is to promote the new commercials that CTV will debut during the game including:

Skip the Dishes
Subway Canada
Maple Leaf Foods
Mazda Canada
Pepsi (featuring Michael Buble)

Also CTV has a link to BigGame.ca so viewers can watch ads that will appear on CBS, host broadcaster of the Super Bowl this year. Basically these are the ads that most people really want to see. They are hoping that viewers will watch the ads ahead of the game and stick with CTV to view the broadcast. The network has been criticized for the lack of new commercials during past Super Bowl games.

This could be the last year that Canadians will be able to watch the originating feed of the game from a US network at least on cable. Apparently during USMCA negotiations there was hard lobbying from the NFL, some US senators, Bell Media to rescind the 2015 CRTC ruling that banned simsub during the Super Bowl game, thus allowing the US network feed and US commercials. There was even a rumour that Donald Trump was involved getting this ruling removed.

CTV is not going to bother with the "Watch and Win" contest this year and the game will be aired on CTV, CTV2,TSN,RDS, all TSN radio stations and steaming on CTV.ca and various CTV and TSN apps. Jay and Don will have a post game show on CTV.

The network claimed that they lost $11 million in advertising revenue in 2017 and millions of Canadians flocked to the US network to watch the Super Bowl spots. Ratings were still huge for CTV but were down about 3 million or 39% from previous years.

On CBS channels, Canadian viewers will receive the CTV feed for all pre and post game programming, but not for the actual game. Bell Media has been pressuring the CRTC to rescind the ruling for Sunday's broadcast since it will be part of the new USMCA, but the commission felt that since the new trade deal has not been ratified by any of the three governments it didn't make sense to make any changes for the broadcast this year.

Oh yeah, there is a football game happening too!!
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