Meet Rogers TV's Axe Wielding Executive

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Meet Rogers TV's Axe Wielding Executive

Postby tuned » Sat May 12, 2018 10:11 am

Read all about how Rogers runs their television empire. When their incompetent managers screw things up they can always rely on the CRTC to bail them out. I had no idea that OMNI had managed to weasel their way into becoming a "cable" channel. Not only do they get mandatory carriage but they get to soak EVERY cable subscriber in Canada. This article distills everything that's wrong with the Canadian broadcast system. ... -brighter/
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Re: Meet Rogers TV's Axe Wielding Executive

Postby dmehus » Wed May 16, 2018 6:25 pm

Love your thread title! ;)

And, governments wonder we have cord cutters. If Telus' Pik TV allowed me to sign in to the Fox News mobile app, I could switch to that tomorrow and make due with no PVR for major Canadian/American broadcast networks by using the OnDemand function. Since Telus removed Bloomberg TV Canada from its channel lineup, I'd get Bloomberg TV through Apple TV for free, and watch BNN Bloomberg programs from their website/app for free - I'd just lose the BNN Bloomberg live stream, but if I really needed it, could listen to it via 1410 AM in the iHeartRadio app. Similarly, CGTN, Al Jazeera, and RT are all available for free via mobile apps. Only station I'd miss is BBC World News, but PBS airs BBC World News America which could serve my purposes. Actually, I'd miss CNBC, but they don't have an HD version of the channel anyway, so I could go without it. I would not miss #FakeNews CNN, nor whatever MSNBC is these days.

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