Another NetFlix price increase, debuting in Quebec

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Another NetFlix price increase, debuting in Quebec

Postby jon » Thu Nov 09, 2017 9:24 am

Quebec will impose a provincial tax on Netflix whether Ottawa likes it or not, according to a letter obtained by La Presse. In the Nov. 7 letter, Quebec Min. of Finance Carlos Leitão, advises his federal counterpart Bill Morneau of his intention to impose the QST on subscriptions to the American streaming giant. The letter suggests Ottawa review its position. Leitão states “The status quo is no longer possible. Our sales taxes must adapt to the realities of the XXIth century, so is the fairness and legitimacy of our tax systems.” Thus far, Ottawa has refused to levy taxes on broadband internet providers, arguing against another tax on the middle class. (Broadcast Dialogue)
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