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Re: PSR off the Net?

Postby Dave L » Thu Sep 06, 2018 11:17 am

tuned wrote:You shouldn't have to create fake accounts to comment. FB uses facial recognition and will eventually ferret out your bogus account. As for PSR censoring comments they are no different than FB, twitter, youtube or any other so-called "social media". The problem I have with Alex Jones being censored is the reasons given are nebulous and it's a slippery slope. I've looked at Jones' stuff and there is some tinfoil hat stuff but then you can also find plenty of shoddy journalism in the New York Times. Their latest hire, a racist op ed writer doesn't build confidence any more than some of the wing nuts on infowars. They are both sources of information and it's up to the reader to make up their own minds. Censorship of the media undermines democracy and it's become epidemic. Having the media controlled by a handful of Wall St. creations is a very bad idea.

Alex Jones was banned for yelling fire in a theater. The New York Times wouldn't publish anything without a source and they have no obligation to name that source. The name will undoubtedly be revealed over time.

I'm not claiming you've suggested it is fake news, insomuch as shoddy, but it's neither. It's a real fact issue. The official went to the NYT, not the other way around. All though they didn't reveal it , the NYT has an obligation to substantiate the source before publishing it, which they did. The source is a senior White House official. Nothing shoddy about it at all.

While we're a little off-topic, getting back to the point. PSR denies freedom of speech for purposes of their ideology, hence their criticism of the Jones banning is the height of hypocrisy and double standards.
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Re: PSR off the Net?

Postby freqfreak2 » Thu Sep 06, 2018 8:33 pm

While we're a little off-topic, getting back to the point. PSR denies freedom of speech for purposes of their ideology ...

I've long held off making comment on this topic due to respect for RadioWest policy in matters such as these but I'd like to post how I've been banned from PSR twice.

The first time came after simply questioning the business model of an Edmonton radio station who didn't have a morning show for a year after launch (Hot 107).

The second time was for providing a direct quote, from a widely-documented and never-contested videotape of a future presidential candidate, that ran in argument against a post made by a PSR "fan boy."

A view held by many over the years suggests that that other site is simply a one-man show, employing nom-de-plumes -- aka fictitious fan boys -- to help populate the comment sections.

Often on that other site I've wanted to make relevant contributions to radio industry-related topics but my voice has been silenced.

When I lost my first banning appeal, I told the site moderator that a ban only has effect when something of value has been denied.

Five years later, my view has not changed.

I only post the above to point out that those who cry out about censorship and fake news are among the first to engage in such practices.

To broadly quote Red Green, you need a license to buy a gun but you only need $10 a year to run a web site.


BTW, should the folks running RadioWest decide my rant is out of line - please feel to edit or delete it.

My message is aimed at one particular person who frequents this site often. He calls himself a 'Spectator' but he ain't fooling anybody.
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Re: PSR off the Net?

Postby Richard Skelly » Fri Sep 07, 2018 3:10 am

I've got no quarrel with moderated sites or pages that review content for unacceptable profanity or racist-homophobic views. I wish well-funded Mediaite would do so because the flood of vile and often off-topic comments seriously detract from analysis of cable-news postings.

PSR isn't alone among "mom and pop" sites and/or pages that freely excise merely inconvenient comments. I giggle when it's done clumsily...whether to me or anyone else.

Clumsy censoring is when, say, the Richard Skelly comment disappears but has obviously been up long enough to be viewed by other visitors. That's because follow-on replies remain, often angry diatribes calling me out by name. Latecomers reading these must wonder "Who the hell is this Richard guy they keep mentioning?"
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