CKRC 630 Winnipeg - RC 63

Radio Station TV Commercials from the past

CKRC 630 Winnipeg - RC 63

Postby albertaboy4life » Thu Apr 21, 2022 2:46 pm

With thanks to Lyle and Mason Pitzell for digitizing from 2" quad tape what was a transfer from film . . .

A vintage TV ad for Winnipeg's CKRC AM produced by CKCK TV Regina -

To answer Colin Powers' question as to why a Regina TV station would produce the ad, my best guess is that CKRC Radio sharing ownership (Armadale/TransCanada Communications) with CKCK TV decided why pay its competitor in Winnipeg for an ad. CJAY/CKY TV, owned by Moffat Communications, also owned AM and FM stations competing with CKRC in that market.
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