Bonus Airchecks - Sharkey Collection - CKLW & CFUN

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Bonus Airchecks - Sharkey Collection - CKLW & CFUN

Postby albertaboy4life » Wed Mar 31, 2021 8:28 am

Our pal Sharkey (Mark Summers, has a couple more bonus airchecks -

Daryl B on the Big 8, CKLW -

It's the night before Canada Day and it's Boogie Check time with Racoon Carney on 14 CFUN -

Thank you, Sharkey!
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Re: Bonus Airchecks - Sharkey Collection - CKLW & CFUN

Postby jon » Wed Mar 31, 2021 1:21 pm

Oddly enough, I have only heard both DJs in other Markets on other Stations.

Daryl B. in Vancouver on CFUN, CKLG-AM and even once on CKLG-FM, doing a Buffalo Springfield special, when the group broke up. When Daryl died, I discovered that I had worked with his ex-wife at UBC Radio back on 1970 when I was Record Librarian and she was doing Traffic (not Traffic Reports, but scheduling of promos, commercials, and pre-recorded programming).

I've only ever heard Racoon on CFRW Winnipeg, shortly before they switched to All Sports. Racoon was celebrating the anniversary of the coldest day of his life: in Flin Flon at CFAR. I think he said it was the 35th anniversary. CFRW comes into Edmonton just before Winnipeg sunset in the winter months, while they are still on day pattern, though I can hear them at night, though nowhere near as strong or interference-free.
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