Bob McCord's last show on 630 CHED - 1978

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Bob McCord's last show on 630 CHED - 1978

Postby albertaboy4life » Sun Jun 24, 2018 4:33 pm

Now here's a special treat.

A very big thanks to Bruce Atchison ( ... -like.html) for hurrying home and starting his tape recorder on the afternoon of May 26, 1978 after hearing a party on the radio.

It turned out to be Bob McCord's last day on 630 CHED. The following Monday, KJ (Keith James, Jr.) took over the 3 to 6 p.m. shift until Rob Christie was moved into the slot in 1979.

I didn't know C.R. Nichols worked in Victoria prior to CHED. Listen for C.R. along with KJ, Ed Lupul and Jerry Forbes along with a bunch of beer drinking buddies as well as Bob's usual cast of zany characters. This is also the only recording I've found online with cuts from the CHED version of the "Great Place To Be" (aka Jodie Lyons' Compro) jingle package from William B. Tanner. The Radiowest collection has the CKLG and CKXL cuts but nothing from the CHED or CKY versions. Do you have a copy?

He got his start at CKLC in Kingston sometime in 1960/61 ( before heading to WIFE in Indianapolis and later WONE in Dayton, Ohio.

Bob's time at CHED wasn't a continuous 15 years. He first arrived at CHED in summer/fall 1965 doing the 8 to Midnight show after his time at WONE.

In May 1966, Bob left CHED and went to KLIF Dallas to work for Gordon McLendon and spent parts of June and July '66 at KILT Houston trading shifts with Russ "Weird Beard" Knight. Back to KLIF Dallas in August '66 before returning to CHED in October '66 to take over the afternoon show from Mike Marshall who left for CKLW Windsor/Detroit as Frank Brodie.

Bob left CHED in 1978 to try get a light rock FM station (CKIS) licence for Edmonton. Yerxa was the successful applicant and launched CKRA at 96.3 on November 15, 1979.

He tried again for an FM licence, this time it was for a contemporary country station.

October 28, 1981 - CISN FM licence granted to Bob for a country station.

June 5, 1982 - CISN FM launched

May 27, 1988 - CISN FM sold to SHAW

Bob left CISN later after serving as President, retiring to California.

Additions/corrections to the above are most welcome.
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Re: Bob McCord's last show on 630 CHED - 1978

Postby Rocky » Sat Nov 02, 2019 10:46 am

Don West took over the afternoon show at CHED after KJ before Rob Christie did.

Don also worked at CHQT. He was at KIMN in the 1960s and CISL in the 1990s.
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