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Postby Flash Frizbone » Sun Jul 02, 2006 4:53 am

Man its a busy month..heres week one in July running now July1-9,2006

KMPC Los Angeles,CA July 2,1959 Johnny Grant
KEWB Oakland,CA July 7,1959 Gary Owens
WDGY Minneapolis,MN July 3,1963 Hal Raymond
Radio Caroline-UK Pirate July 3,1964 Tom Lodge
WKFR Battle Creek,MI Steve Clark July 1966
WABC New York,NY Dan Ingram July 4,1968
CFOX Montreal,QC Roger Scott July 1969
CKRC Winnipeg,MB Tom Kelly July 8,1972
WDRC AM Hartford,CT Bob Craig July 6,1973
WCFL Chicago,IL Johnny Driscoll July 2,1975
WCFL Chicago,IL Ron O'Brien July 7,1975
CHUM Toronto,ON Mike Cooper,Tom Rivers July 4,1975
WABC New York,NY Dan Ingram's 20th Anniversary July 3,1981
KHJ Los Angeles,CA Mark Dennis July 3,1984
KCBS FM Los Angeles,CA Machine Gun Kelly,Real Don Steele July 7,1992
CHUM Toronto,Ontario Tribute To Wolfman Jack July 8,1995
WCBS-FM New York,NY 25th Anniversary July 7,1997

Coming up later in the month some old CFUN from the late 70s..enjoy a fun month of Summer Radio..this is just the first week!My Webpage
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