Rob Christie @ CHED and Al Ferraby @ 1040 KICKS

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Rob Christie @ CHED and Al Ferraby @ 1040 KICKS

Postby radiofan » Sun Jul 22, 2007 4:31 pm

The CHED Morning Crew ... Rob Christie, Audie Lynds & Janet From Another Planet from January 24, 1989.

The CHED Morning Crew Aircheck Click Here
16:23 11.541 kb


In a previous life, TEAM 1040 was known as CKXY .. 1040 KICKS. Here's current CFAX Victoria morning guy AL FERRABY from October 1987 when he was in PM Drive at Vancouver's 1040 KICKS

AL FERRABY 1040 Kicks Aircheck Click Here

14:15 10,023 kb
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