Mr Aircheck Lineup:June 18-24,2006

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Postby Flash Frizbone » Sat Jun 17, 2006 11:57 pm

Here is the lineup this week..kind of a slow week as far as content but some interesting stuff.

June 19,1968 CHUM Toronto,ON Bob McCadorey,Brian Skinner
June 20,1969 KHJ Los Angeles,CA Humble Harv
June 23,1973 CFTR Doc Holiday,Steve Shannon
June 22,1976 KIIS Los Angeles,CA Jay Stevens
June 23,1977 WIBG Philadelphia,PA Bill Gardner,Chuck Knapp
June 1977 WNBC New York,NY Dick Summer
June 1996 WHUD Peekskill,NY Joe O' Brien (The Late WMCA Good Guy)

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Postby radiofan » Sun Jun 18, 2006 9:38 am

The DOC HOLIDAY at CFTR wouldn't really be GIL HARRIS who was at CHAM and later combined the two personalities and became DOC HARRIS would it?
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Postby Jack Bennest » Sun Jun 18, 2006 10:24 am

Doc Harris
CKOM [Saskatoon SK] 1970 - Gil Harris
CKSO [Sudbury ON] 1970 - Gil Harris
CHAM [Hamilton ON] 1971 - Doc Holiday
CFTR [Toronto ON] 1971
CKLG [Vancouver] 1973
CFMI-FM [Vancouver] 1984
CKKS [Vancouver] 1986
CKST [Vancouver] 1990
CKNW [Vancouver] 1992
CFUN [Vancouver] 1993
CKNW [Vancouver] 1994
CISL [Vancouver] 2001


Doc Harris is one of those announcers who put a smile on your face everytime you listened to him. His off-beat sense of humour and relaxed delivery has charmed listeners since the early '70s.

Harris started his career in 1970 at CKOM in Saskatoon. He was Gil Harris then, and used that moniker at his next two stops - both in Ontario - at CKSO Sudbury and CHAM in Hamilton. In 1971, he moved to Toronto's CFTR and - as Doc Holliday - was one of the first Top 40 announcers at that station which had just flipped from easy listening.

In 1973, Holliday moved to Vancouver - changed his on-air name to Doc Harris - and began a long and successful career at stations like CKLG, CFMI-FM, CKKS, CKST, CKNW, CFUN and CISL.

Harris was also one of the first radio personalities to get his own web site. His site at has been on the web since 1994.

Harris spent 11 years (1973-84) at highly rated CKLG, and we hear him from 1976 here.

(The Bill Dulmage Collection)

Doc Harris - As Gil Harris: CKDA/CFMS-FM Victoria 1966-69; CJAT Trail BC 1969-70; AMD CKOM Saskatoon 1970; CKSO Sudbury ON 1970-71; AMD CHAM Hamilton 1971; as Doc Holiday CFTR Toronto 1971-73; as Gil Harris PMD CKLG Vancouver 1973-76; as Doc Harris: AMD CKLG 1976-83; AMD CFMI-FM Vancouver 1984-86; AMD CKKS-FM Vancouver 1986-89; AMD CKXY Vancouver 1989-90; AMD/PMD/weekend fill-in CKNW Vancouver 1990-92; AMD CFUN Vancouver 1992-93; fill-in CKNW 1993-2001; weekends then AMD CISL Vancouver 2002-03; commercials/voice imaging current; co-host weekly feature Dan Gardener's Automotive Intelligence CISL 2006-current.

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Postby Flash Frizbone » Sun Jun 18, 2006 12:32 pm

I was going to answer..but it seems someone beat me to it!
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