A Threesome of CHUM Airchecks to mark CHUM's 50th Birthday

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A Threesome of CHUM Airchecks to mark CHUM's 50th Birthday

Postby radiofan » Sun May 20, 2007 9:28 pm

50 years ago this week, 10-50 CHUM in Toronto became a Top 40 station and was Canada's dominant Top 40 station through the late 50's, The 60's, The 70's and early 80's.

This week we have 3 CHUM airchecks for your listening pleasure...

First up is one of North America's best know screamers ... JACKSON ARMSTRONG as he counts down the Top 10 from CHUM's Top 300 in October of 1968.

Jackson Armstrong Aircheck Click Here

7:31 3,528 KB
From July 30 of 1970 it's JOHN RODE in mid-days.

John Rode Aircheck Click Here

22:13 10,417 KB
and finally...from St. Patrick's Day 1986, it's DARYL B filling in for John Major in AM Drive.

Daryl B Aircheck Click Here

8:19 5,873 KB
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