Bonus Airchecks - Pat McNorgan Collection - CFGO CJME

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Bonus Airchecks - Pat McNorgan Collection - CFGO CJME

Postby albertaboy4life » Wed Jun 09, 2021 9:25 am

We thank Pat McNorgan for a couple of bonus airchecks featuring early '70s station compilations of CFGO Ottawa and CJME Regina.

From April 1974, it's GO14 including Jim Jackson and Tom Lucas who are familiar to western Canada radio listeners -

The jingles in use at the time are from Jodie Lyons and his "Rock of Chicago" series. We have copies in the RadioWest jingle archives - ... odie-1.mp3

Former staff of CFGO have a dedicated Facebook page filled with pictures, stories and more station sounds of GO14 -

From 1973, here are Hart Kirch, Mel Corey (aka Buster Beau Dean) and Charley West on 13 CJME -

CJME was using TM jingles at the time. We keep searching for copies of these jingles.

Thank you, Pat!

We welcome your airchecks and jingles, too. Radiofan and I invite your PM.
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