July 27, 70 Years Ago

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July 27, 70 Years Ago

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A couple of documentaries, one locally made, got the attention of Province radio columnist Dick Diespecker 70 years ago today. His third portion makes you wonder what was so horrible that it had to be cut out of films showing in Canada but was fine for the nascent network TV industry in the U.S. Censors were a bunch of bluenoses across the line, too.

I was kind of hoping “Glover’s Lane” was hosted by Elwood Glover, a very kind and quiet man whom I met many years ago in Toronto. While Elwood was around in 1950, the CBR show in question was emceed by Toronto musician Art Hallman.

“Comedy Theatre” on Channel 5 would appear to have been “Arch Oboler’s Comedy Theatre” which originated from KECA-TV in Los Angeles and was kinescoped for ABC stations in the east. The first show, “Ostrich in Bed,” starred familiar names from radio—Hans Conried, Olan Soule, Sara Berner and Ken Christy, with Rex Koury at the organ.


Around Your Radio Dial

Peacetime use of atomic energy for mankind's benefit will be highlighted on the concluding program of NBC's documentary series, ''The Quick and the Dead," dramatizing development of atomic and hydrogen bombs.
Final chapter will include the actual sound of a Geiger counter as it locates a tumor in a cancer patient. An NBC recording team was on the scene at New York's Memorial Centre for Cancer and Allied Diseases when radioactive medicine was administered to a patient. The medicine becomes concentrated in the tumor, permitting location of the growth by the counter from outside the body.
"The Quick and the Dead" stars Bob Hope in the role of an American taxpayer eager to learn about atomic energy. His questions are answered, in layman's language and through the use of dramatic flashbacks, by William Laurence, New York Times science reporter and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner.
First three programs of "The Quick and the Dead" dealt, in taut re-enactment, with the explosion of the first atomic bomb in the New Mexican desert; the bombing of Hiroshima, told by B-29 crew members who flew the mission; and the ominous potential of the hydrogen bomb.
"The Quick and the Dead," which has won great critical acclaim, is written and produced by Fred Friendly under supervision of William F. Brooks, NBC vice-president in charge of news and international relations. Program will be over CJOR tonight at 6.
* * *
When Dean R. W. Brock died in a plane crash at Alta Lake in July, 1935, B.C. lost a great citizen. Fascinating story of Dean Brock's life is told on "Builders of B.C." over CJOR tonight at 9:15.
Dean Brock was a scientist, a lecturer, a field geologist, soldier and administrator.
He formed the department of applied science at the new and still struggling University of B C. in 1914. Today UBC applied science faculty is regarded one of the best on the continent.
* * *
A report from Toronto says that for the first time in this country's film history, censors of bordering states and Canada's 10 provinces will meet in Toronto this fall to discuss jurisdiction over televised films. It seems that televised films coming into Canadian homes from video stations across the line contain, in some cases, material normally deleted from films shown in movie theatres.
What is going to be done about this probably will constitute a major headache for censors, and perhaps not in the too distant future. For when television begins to operate in Canada, it will be simpler for censors to control such material. Now, with Canadians tuning their TV sets to American stations, the problem is a good deal more complex. It is likely to develop into a case of it being better for the children's morals to send them to the neighborhood theatre than allow them to watch your own TV set at home.
* * *
6:00 p.m.—The Quick and the Dead, CJOR.
6:30 p.m.—Glover's Lane, CBR; Duffy's Tavern, KOMO.
7:30 p.m.—Skippy Hollywood Theatre, KIRO; Showtime, CKNW.
8:00 p.m.—Proposals for Peace, CBR; Open House, CKMO.
8:30 p.m.—Look Back at Yesterday, CKNW; Mr. Keen, KIRO.
9:00 p.m.—Damon Runyan, CKWX; Advance Release, KOMO.
9:15 p.m.—Builders of B.C., CJOR.
9:30 p.m.—Murder at Midnight, CKWX; Baseball, CKMO.
6:00, Test Pattern; 7:00, Kukla; Fran & Ollie; 7:30, The Lone Ranger; 8:00, Vincent Lopez Show; 8:15, Baseball; 9:00, Comedy Theatre; 9:30, King's Square Dance; 10:00, Telenews Daily.
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