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Helping the Community

Postby cart_machine » Mon Sep 09, 2019 1:10 am

Here’s an example of radio stations helping out the community both on a local and national level. This is Dick Diespecker’s column in the Province for September 29, 1951.

Ricky Hyslop is “Richmond” in this story. Nic, Nac and the Nabobettes included the immortal Bunty Kemp, who ended up in California for a bit.

I had no idea Billy Browne broadcast from his home on West 23rd. Maybe it was because of health as Browne was dead about two weeks after this column came out. He was 55.

Somehow, it seems odd that two church services are included in the same half-hour “highlights” as Red Skelton.


Once again it's Community Chest Time and that means as far as radio is concerned, a lot of extra work in a good cause. As usual there will be a gigantic Red Feather show from the stage of the Orpheum Theatre which will be broadcast ever all Vancouver stations end will feature top Canadian talent.
Richmond Hyslop and his orchestra will be on hand along with popular tenor and band leader Art Hallman who is holidaying in Vancouver from Toronto; folk singer Ed McCurdy, TUTS star Betty Phillips, Harmony House star Suzanne; banjo virtuoso Wallie Peters; CKWX western Burns Chuckwagon stars The Rhythm Pals, Mike, Mac and Jack; Nic, Nac and the Nabobettes and Ray Norris and his Sunshine Society Seven.
Betty Phillips will sing the popular Heather on the Hill from Brigadoon in which she made such a hit this summer. Wallie Peters has a special new Al Jolson medley that regularly lays 'em in the aisles, and Suzanne will slay 'em with Shanghai.
Ed McCurdy has not yet revealed the name of his folk song, Art Hallman will take care of the bobby soxers with Because of You and violinist Cardo Smalley will have everybody cheering with Hot Canary.
Ray Norris and his Sunshine Society boys will do a wonderful medley containing Old Piano Roll Blues, I Taut I Taw a Puddy Tat and It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow. The announcers will be Bill Bellman of CBR, Monty McFarlane of CJOR, Cal George of CKWX and Norm Pringle of CKMO.
Writing and production by yours truly and show direction by Norman Campbell of CBR who also wrote the words and music of the Red Feather Theme on the show sung by Suzanne.
The show will be heard over CKWX and CKMO at 9:30, over CJOR at 10:15 and over CBR at 10:30 on Sunday night.
At 8:30 Sunday night over CKWX, listeners will hear the U.S. Community Chest show with President Truman and H. J. Heinz, national president of the U.S. Community Chest drive. Other talent on the show will include Jimmy Durante, Mario Lanza, Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, Dinah Shore, Tony Martin, Richard Warfield, Loretta Young, Jane Wyman, Gregory Peck, Tyrone Power and announcer Don Wilson. The show is titled Give Your Best.
On Monday all Vancouver stations will be carrying running reports of progress on the one day Community Chest campaign on the North Shore. The four Vancouver stations CKWX, CKMO, CBR and CJOR as well as New Westminster's CKNW.
CJOR in addition will turn the whole day over to the North Shore pretty well. All newscasts will feature progress of the drive and all the CJOR personality programs Gee Gee, Billy Browne, Man in the House Dorwin Baird and Take It Easy Ross Mortimer, will devote their efforts towards helping the drive over the top. Billy Browne, whose Breakfast with Browne comes direct from his own home, will amble outside with a microphone or 9 o'clock and try to pick up the sounds of sirens and whistles announcing the opening of the Red Feather Drive.
Dorothy Douglas, featured woman's commentator on CKWX returns to the air Monday for the fall and winter season. She is heard every weekday from Monday to Friday at 11:05 a m.
SPECIAL: The Big Show, originally played at the Palladium in London, will be heard at the first of the new series over KOMO tomorrow at 3:30. Also at 3:30, Hawaii Calls over CKWX features the Hawaiian singers who appeared at the PNE through the courtesy of the Junior Chamber of Commerce. The Red Skelton Show starts on CKNW tomorrow right at 7:30. You'll be hearing it there three days ahead of the U.S. show on CBS.
Don't forget to turn your clock back one hour tomorrow night when we return to Standard Time. No change in program schedules . . . Canadian or American. We all return to standard at the same time.
2:00—Call of China, CJOR; Fiddle Joe's Yarn, CBR.
2:30—Family Theatre, CKWX; Now Hear This, KOMO; Jake and the Kid, CBR.
3:30—Hawaii Calls, CKWX; The Big Show, KOMO, Vancouver Symphony, CBR.
4:30—Amos and Andy, CJOR; Ranger's Cabin, CKNW.
5:00—Mario Lanza Show, CJOR.
5:30—Radio Theatre, CKWX; Theatre Guild, KOMO; Music for the Family, CKMO.
6:30—Contented Hour, CJOR; The Noel Coward Show, CBR.
7:00—Sixty-Four Dollar Question, KOMO.
7:30—Christ Church, CJOR; First United Church, CKWX; Red Skelton Show, CKNW.
8:30—Give Your Best, CKWX; Standard Hour, KOMO.
9:30—Red Feather Show, CKWX, CKMO.
10:15—Red Feather Show, CJOR.
10:30—Red Feather Show, CBR.
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