Interior BC Radio Schedule January 1961

Bits and Pieces of BC Radio History

Interior BC Radio Schedule January 1961

Postby radiofan » Fri Jan 03, 2014 12:38 pm

Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who couldn't hear the music.
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Re: Interior BC Radio Schedule January 1961

Postby Mike Cleaver » Fri Jan 03, 2014 1:16 pm

This is great!
The CKOV 630 Schedule has some interesting things on it.
Robert's Records was hosted by then Sports Director Bob Hall.
High Time (which these days means something completely different) was produced by the Radio Drama Club at KHS and two years later became a 15 minute Saturday High School news show "High Notes" produced by me along with KHS students with original music by Pat Pettman and his band which we recorded every Friday.
Mornings during the week were hosted by now Kelowna Mayor Walter Gray.
Note there are no call letters associated with the stations.
This makes me think the schedule came from the Kelowna Courier which routinely blacked out CKOVs Mic Flash whenever it appeared in a photograph used in the paper.
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Re: Interior BC Radio Schedule January 1961

Postby jon » Fri Jan 03, 2014 2:04 pm

Harry Boon at 9pm on CKOV caught my eye. He was such a creative musical force at CJCA here in Edmonton, my records say continuously from 1948-74. So, I wonder if that half hour program is recorded in Edmonton and offered to other stations each week.

Harry was born in Penticton and died in Kelowna in 2006.
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Re: Interior BC Radio Schedule January 1961

Postby skyvalleyradio » Fri Jan 03, 2014 3:24 pm

The listing for Harry Boon on CKOV caught my eye too and I guessed this was a syndicated show featuring his talents as an organist. Harry was the original PD at C-JAZ 92.1 one of the coolest stations there ever was!
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Re: Interior BC Radio Schedule January 1961

Postby CubbyCam » Fri Jan 03, 2014 4:08 pm

skyvalleyradio wrote:Harry was the original PD at C-JAZ 92.1 one of the coolest stations there ever was!

Yup... Gotta agree with you there... What a shame no-one in their target market could hear it... The decision to share CKVU's stick on Saltspring Island instead of Mt. Seymour... meant it was strong in Victoria and even in White Rock, but a tough listen in the West End. I have very fond memories of the first broadcast in April of 1980. At midnight, Herbie Hancock's "Maiden Voyage" hit the airwaves with Dale Bundrant hosting the all night show. I co-hosted the morning talk show "This AM on FM" with Julie Markos... 6am to 9am. What a great team to work with. As I say... some very fond memories.
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Re: Interior BC Radio Schedule January 1961

Postby Firedog » Sat Jan 04, 2014 12:48 pm

Mike, the Interior Radio Schedule was scanned from the Vancouver Sun during one of my visits to the library.
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