Big Prices for All EKKO Stamps

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Big Prices for All EKKO Stamps

Postby jon » Sat Nov 24, 2007 1:11 pm

I was complaining in early September that a few of the rarer EKKO (late 1920s/early 1930s proof of reception radio stamps) stamps were selling for big money, like the combo WBZ/WBZA stamp I showed then.

Now, it seems everything but damaged EKKO and related (Bryant and others) stamps are selling for at least $9. ... 0182755878 is a WLW Cincinnati stamp that sold for $23.29 plus shipping. WLW stamps are as common as squash, but the demand is much stronger for them than most other stamps. No, not because WKRP was in the same town, but because WLW was the only 500KW station in the U.S., for 5 years in the mid-1930s.

Amazing when you consider that you couldn't give away complete collections of EKKO stamps in the 1960s, let alone individual ones. There were literally millions of them printed just before the Depression put the EKKO company into bankruptcy. Some were issued in the 1930s, both from pre-printed (without call letters) paper stock bought from the Receiver for EKKO, and competitive ones printed to a lower quality and lower cost standard.
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