Shane Hewitt is now officially the new host of The Shift

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Shane Hewitt is now officially the new host of The Shift

Postby radiofan » Thu Nov 26, 2020 4:05 pm

After almost 4 months of filling in as host of The Shift on several Corus News/Talk stations, Shane Hewitt becomes the official host beginning November 29th following the departure of Drex in early August.

In addition, Jawn Jang becomes the Friday and Saturday night host. Hewitt will broadcast from his base at Corus Calgary and Jang from Corus Vancouver.

Corus Press Release: ... vember-29/
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Re: Shane Hewitt is now officially the new host of The Shift

Postby sparky » Thu Dec 31, 2020 12:43 pm

Like many, I wasn't a fan of the Drex and Bob show. My expectation was that when those bozos left the building, we might actually get a nationwide, late night talk show.

I guess I was wrong. The Shift with Shane Hewitt and the weekend version with Yawn Yang are a continuation of what the show was before. The bulk of the show is nothing more than the host carrying on a conversation with the producer and board ops. Most times I feel like I'm eavesdropping on a private conversation. Do I really care that one of the board ops got a haircut today, or that the producers drives a fu-king Veloster? I seldom hear phone calls from listeners, the odd text from someone gets read. I have no idea what demo they are trying to appeal to with the bumper music they play. I'd guess they seem to think the audience is all under 40 and that's who the hipsters are catering to. Guess what guys? Most people under 40 don't even know what a radio is, so you're talking to the trees.

Is it asking too much to have an intelligent talk show that caters to mature adults across the country? A show where the producer and the board ops do their respective jobs without having to crack the mic and adding their .02 cents worth of nothingness.

I'm hoping 2021 will bring something better.
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Re: Shane Hewitt is now officially the new host of The Shift

Postby Just sayin' » Thu Dec 31, 2020 3:09 pm

You nailed it. Juvenile at best. Unlistenable.
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Re: Shane Hewitt is now officially the new host of The Shift

Postby groundskeeper willy » Thu Dec 31, 2020 4:41 pm

Much like Sparky, I thought I've give the Shift another try once Shane got settled in, but was sadly disappointed with what I heard. Can you be more milquetoast? And don't get me started on 'Yawn' on the weekends, he's on the same bottom rung of the talent ladder as old Drex, ie: unlistenable. Sweet jesus, if this is what qualifies as broadcasting these days, no wonder the industry finds itself in the state it is.

But let's face it, blame needs to be placed squarely on the shoulders of Larry Gifford, who has allowed this mess of programming to continue. C'mon Larry, nobody cares about your personal podcasts (which appear to take up your time now), how about you start doing your actual job as the National Director of Talk Radio at Corus and create a show that is focused and cohesive. What needs to be done? How about:

* Get a host who can generate content that compels listeners to call in.
* Get a board op who knows what all the buttons do (and knows when to keep their mouth shut).
* Get a call screener who can coach callers before putting them on air.
* Also, invest in some call screening management software that lets you limit the number of times the 'regulars' get to air in a given month.
* Train your talent on how to talk to time-out points on the clock, which then eliminates the pointless playing of music during an alleged talk show. Bits of bumper music, no problem, but playing an entire song to fill at the end of the hour? Idiotic.
* Talk to the audience you have and create content that appeals to them, which you might find is an older demographic that probably doesn't care about the vapid crap the Shift is currently focused on.

Sadly, I suspect nothing will happen, and the same amateur hour shit, err, Shift, will continue to be pumped out nightly.
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