National Radio Day August 20th

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National Radio Day August 20th

Postby paterson » Thu Aug 20, 2020 4:52 pm

It's observed somewhat in the US, not so much here but today is National Radio Day. The celebration is because the first radio regular scheduled broadcast was on this day in Detroit in 1920, on 8MK later known as WWJ. However many claim the first was actually many years prior in 1912 with Charles "Doc" Herrold out of San Jose with his station 6XF that received a broadcast license in 1915. Although oddly not that much is known about his broadcasts and how regular they actually were.

Of course we cannot forget our own XWA/CFCF in Montreal that started test broadcasts in 1919 and had a full regular scheduled broadcast on May 20, 1920 three months prior to WWJ in Detroit. Maybe if we ever officially recognize National Radio Day in Canada it should be on May 20 rather than August 20th.

Anyway, let's hear your story...why did you get into radio or broadcasting? Give us some of your thoughts, on National Radio day.. and let's not turn this into a bitch session with what is wrong with the business today!! We have 364 other days to do that. But feel free to say what you liked and didn't like about your time and why did you stay or leave....

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