100th Anniversary of Radio in Canada

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100th Anniversary of Radio in Canada

Postby paterson » Tue Dec 03, 2019 1:53 pm

Last Saturday December 1st was the 100th Anniversary of the birth of radio in Canada. Back in 1919 on December 1st. radio station XWA in Montreal began audio testing.
Many consider that XWA was the first radio station in the world. XWA was owned by the Marconi Company.

Early in 1920 XWA adopted the call letters CFCF which stood for Canada's First Canada's Finest. On May 20th CFCF began broadcasting regular programming. The station could be heard as far away as Ottawa. The May 20th broadcast on CFCF is considered to be the first radio broadcast in North America and possibly the world, although several US sites claim that the first broadcast was from Detroit station 8MK. The first broadcast on 8MK, eventually to become WWJ, was on August 20th 1920.
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