Labour Code changes for Radio

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Labour Code changes for Radio

Postby jon » Thu Aug 22, 2019 10:41 am ... -employers

The federal government has quietly changed the Labour Code that applies to all federally-regulated workers, including those in Radio. As of September 1st.

Shift changes. Subject to a narrow exemption for emergencies, employers must now provide 24 hours’ written notice of any change or addition to a work period or shift.

Overtime refusal. Subject to a narrow exemption for emergencies, employees will have the right to refuse overtime in order to carry out certain family responsibilities.

Advance notice of schedule. Employers must provide 96 hours’ notice in writing of an employee’s work schedule. Employees may refuse to work any shift that starts less than 96 hours after the schedule is received.

Medical breaks. Employees may take any unpaid breaks necessary for medical reasons.

Breaks. Employers will be required to provide their employees with an unpaid break of at least 30 minutes within every period of five consecutive hours of work.

Eight-hour rest periods. Employees must be granted a rest period of at least eight consecutive hours between work periods or shifts.

Right to request flex work. After six consecutive months of employment, employees will have the right to request a change to hours, work schedule, location and other terms and conditions that may be specified in new regulations or legislation. An employer may refuse such a request only on certain grounds.

Leave for Aboriginal practices. Aboriginal employees who have completed at least three consecutive months of continuous employment may take up to five days of unpaid leave each calendar year to participate in traditional Aboriginal practices.

Personal leave. Employees will be entitled to a new personal leave of up to five days per calendar year, including three days with pay, after three consecutive months of continuous employment.

Family violence leave. Employees will be entitled to a new leave of up to 10 days each calendar year if an employee or their child is a victim of family violence. For employees with at least three consecutive months of continuous employment the first five days are paid.

Vacation entitlements. Vacation entitlements after a year’s employment will be unchanged at two weeks and four per cent vacation pay. That will now go to three weeks and six per cent after five years, rather than the current six. And there’s a new entitlement of four weeks and eight per cent vacation pay after 10 years.

Holiday pay. The 30-day length of service requirement for entitlement to holiday pay will be eliminated. All employees will now be entitled to holiday pay.
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Re: Labour Code changes for Radio

Postby RadioDon11 » Fri Aug 23, 2019 6:14 am

Let's see ow many GM and PD's actually read that
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Re: Labour Code changes for Radio

Postby paterson » Fri Aug 23, 2019 2:13 pm

Timing of this is suspect naturally, with the election just around the corner. Makes me wonder if the changes will actually take place since there is a chance that the Liberals won't win a majority or possibly minority. If the Conservatives win a majority they could easily modify or turn back the changes since they will only be in effect for a couple of months. If the Tories win they would likely form the government mid to late November or early December. But then again there is a chance that the Tories don't have a lot of issues with the changes. Have the Conservatives said anything about this as yet?

If the Conservatives get a minority, even though the NDP has already foolishly said they won't support them, there actually is a possibility of some support from the Greens or if mad Max picks up a few seats, even the BQ in Quebec which in some areas is right of centre could support the Tories on a few bills. Politics can make some strange bedfellows!
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Re: Labour Code changes for Radio

Postby pave » Fri Aug 23, 2019 3:15 pm

Asking for sick days, time off, notification of scheduling and/or paid vacations will continue to be firing offences.
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