"The Loop" is gone - Chicago Stations are Bankrupt.

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"The Loop" is gone - Chicago Stations are Bankrupt.

Postby Tom Jeffries » Sun Mar 11, 2018 2:02 pm

“Radio’s product offering and business model is under attack,” said Larry Miller, a radio veteran and director of the Steinhardt Music Business Program at New York University. “It is facing very stiff competition from (digital services) that didn’t exist a decade ago.”

WLUP nostalgia: It's hard to miss what's no longer there
Miller wrote a recent report painting a bleak picture of radio’s future as the car dashboard — once the exclusive province of AM and FM stations — taps into a world of digital platforms.

Traditional radio, he said, is in danger of becoming irrelevant to a new generation of listeners.

“Listenership is declining and aging, a little bit every year,” Miller said. “Younger people are discovering and consuming music in other places.”

Those places include streaming services with customized playlists, podcasts, YouTube videos and Apple’s iTunes, all of which are integrated in the connected car through systems such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

California-based Pandora rolled out its service in 2005, offering listeners a personalized digital radio experience over the internet. Last year, the publicly traded streaming service generated nearly $1.5 billion in revenue, with about 75 million active listeners, according to financial documents.

WLUP's glory days were our glory days

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Re: "The Loop" is gone - Chicago Stations are Bankrupt.

Postby Richard Skelly » Sun Mar 11, 2018 2:47 pm

I’d say “But where will these younger Pandora-type digital listeners find out about local news?’

Then I’d remember that aging pooch CKNW appears to have lopped about four minutes off its noon newscast. As Simi or substitute prattles on early, longtime listeners think their watches are out of whack and Reality Check is over!

Meanwhile, I think it was Lynda Steele on air the other day when a caller mentioned infamous, failed energy giant Enron as part of the history of designing carbon taxes. If it was Steele, who I believe hails from Alberta’s energy patch, she basically responded “Who or what is Enron?” She’s no newbie out of J-School (or broadcast college). Can’t believe anyone behind the mic of a prietime NW show would be so clueless about arguably the biggest corporate scandal of the past two decades. The caller seemed surprised by the host’s non-awareness. Maybe the host just had a brain far. But the moment truly was cringeworthy.
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Re: "The Loop" is gone - Chicago Stations are Bankrupt.

Postby Dan Sys » Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:49 pm

I’d say “But where will these younger Pandora-type digital listeners find out about local news?’

Exactly! Nothing local about Pandora or satellite radio, etc. These services are nothing more than modern day glorified muzak operations. Yawn.....zzzzzzzzz
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