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RPM Lunch Pics

Postby radiofan » Sun Apr 24, 2016 6:13 pm

Gord Lansdell has posted Andy Halychuk's photos from last Tuesday's RPM lunch on his Northwest Broadcasters site.


Here's the list of who was there ...
Alyn Edwards
Andy Hall (Halychuk)
Arran Henn
Barrie McMaster
Bill Good
Bill Hughes
Bill Nelson
Brian Antonson
Brian Walks
Bruno Cimolai
Cam Cathcart
Cam McCubbin
Cameron Bell
Carole Robinson
Ched Miller
Cornel Sawchuk
Darren Parkman
Dave MacLachlan
Dave Roughan
Diana Kendrick
Diana Tchakalian
Dianne Newman
Doc Harris
Don Kennedy
Donovan Tildesley
Gale Honey
George Garrett
George Gordon
George Orr
Gerry O'Day
Gord Lansdell
Greg Douglas
Jim Fraser
Jim Macdonald
Jim Morrison
Jim Robson
Joanna Mileos
Jody Vance
Joe Leary
John Kendrick
Julie Brown
Keith Watson
Kent Kallberg
Larry Hennessey
Leeann Ray
Lyndon Grove
Marcie Cimolai
Marilyn Jane Halychuk
Michael Godin
Mike Chisholm
Neil Soper
Owen Coppin
Peter Alpen
Phil Evans
Phil Mackesy
Rafe Mair
Ray Ramsay
Red Robinson
Rich Reynolds
Robin Ray
Ron Robinson
Shell Busey
Shirley Stocker
Steve Herringer
Stirling Faux
Terry Bell
Tom Jeffries
Wally Bodner
Wendy Mair
Wilf Ray
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Re: RPM Lunch Pics

Postby bigbry » Mon Apr 25, 2016 8:29 am

Well done...thanks for posting. Such a good looking crew.
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