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Radio in Restaurants

Postby jon » Mon Apr 18, 2016 3:04 pm


Just saw this sticker for the first time at my favourite haunt (restaurant) on Saturday. Part of a new campaign by SOCAN.

Today was the grand opening of my closest Red Robin. I was quite surprised to hear a radio station playing instead of a music service. It has been over a year since I've heard a radio station playing in any Edmonton restaurant. And that was at a place that was setting up for a remote by the same radio station they were playing, so even that may not have been their normal choice.

What is even more surprising is that Red Robin was playing FRESH FM. First time I've heard that played anywhere, though JOE FM (CKNG was JOE before FRESH) was played during its ratings-leading days. With the death of Easy Rock, Edmonton medical offices have either switched to a music service or NOW FM; some even killed the music completely.

Then there was the bizarre story recently of an Ontario McDonald's airing Spokane's 93.7 The Mountain:

Local News: myFM 93.3 / Classic Rock 107.9 Help Port Hope McDonald’s Access Local Radio
Contributed by admin on Apr 13, 2016 - 07:26 PM

Port Hope, ON. April 13, 2016: After a front page story published in the Toronto Sun this morning revealing concern from local customers about the Port Hope McDonald’s franchise airing an American radio station over their in-house PA system, including a daily broadcast of the American National Anthem at 9am, local broadcaster My Broadcasting Corp. including myFM 93.3 and Classic Rock 107.9, has partnered with McDonald’s to help solve the issue and provide access to hyper-local radio for the customers and staff at the McDonald’s Port Hope Location.

This afternoon, My Broadcasting Corp. installed a radio tuner at the Port Hope McDonald’s location giving McDonald’s customers the local radio they want, myFM 93.3.

Rob Mise, General Manager for the My Broadcasting Corporation in Peterborough and Cobourg says, “My Broadcasting Corporation has a tremendous relationship with all the McDonald’s restaurants in our 17 markets across the province. In fact, most restuarants are playing a myFM station for customers to enjoy. We're thrilled to add Port Hope to the family and we can't wait for McHappy Day on May 4.”

Local McDonald’s franchisee, Lisa Wilson adds, “I'm thrilled that My Broadcasting Corporation approached me with this solution. We have a great local partnership and I'm happy to have their music playing in the restaurant for our guests. Thank you to the team at myFM 93.3 and Classic Rock 107.9 for their support and fast action! It's great to see our community coming together to help one another."

myFM 93.3 and Classic Rock 107.9 will be live on location at the Port Hope McDonald’s tomorrow morning featuring a live rendition of our National Anthem “Oh Canada” at 9am.
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