Perhaps terrestrial radio is not that dead after all!

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Perhaps terrestrial radio is not that dead after all!

Postby kal » Wed Aug 12, 2015 8:50 am

At least that's the implication in this piece on Rdio and its addition of more than 450 terrestrial radio stations to its streaming platform. As the article notes more than 90% of Americans listen to radio at least once a week and that there remains a significant appetite for talk radio in particular. The average American listens to around 13 hours of terrestrial radio a week versus just under half an hour of streaming music.

"Streaming companies have for years bet on the appeal of unlimited user access to vast music catalogs, through which users can listen to any track at any time. But analysts have suggested this may not be how most people actually want to listen to music."

Here's the full LA Times article.
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