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Postby VancouverTopFortyRadio » Wed Oct 11, 2006 2:52 pm

A retired friend of mine who recently moved to the Okanagan emailed me today about a childhood friend of his who once worked as a DJ. I thought I'd try this group on his behalf to see if anyone here knows anything. His email to me is quoted in part below.

"P.S. Do you know if there is a website which keeps 'old' D.J.'s in touch
with each other or the world. I have a childhood friend who was/is a real
character and got into the DJ business in Red Deer when we were in grade 8
(1956 or so). He worked a night shift twice a week on week-ends, then
became involved with a Broadcasting school in Lethbridge. The last I have
seen his name (Jim Elliott) was in an "In-house" newsletter dated June 2000
to the members of one of the Canadian Broadcast Industry. He was being
congratulated for becoming General Manager of one of the Okanagan (Kelowna)
stations. My enquiries to many of the radio stations here have fallen upon
deaf ears; after being very eager to make enquires around the industry they
don't even bother to phone back to say Yeah or Neah about their efforts."
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Postby johnsykes » Wed Oct 11, 2006 7:46 pm

Have you tried to email one of the Kelowna stations? Surely someone there would know
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Postby VancouverTopFortyRadio » Wed Oct 11, 2006 8:51 pm

I haven't myself but the friend who emailed me about his efforts to locate Mr. Elliott, made many enquiries to the stations in the area which in his words "fell on deaf ears".

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Postby Mike Cleaver » Wed Oct 11, 2006 10:22 pm

Is this the same Jim Elliot who was morning man at CJOC in Lethbridge in 1967 through '70?
I also worked with him at CJCA in Edmonton durining the mid seventies to mid eighties where he was on the air part time and in sales as well.
He moved to Ontario for awhile in the '80's and I lost track of him there.
I think he was managing some small market stations north of Hamilton but that's just a hazy memory.
The CAB might have some record of his whereabouts.
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Postby Jack Bennest » Wed Oct 11, 2006 10:38 pm

Misc notes on Jim:

former GM at ckdk-fm, woodstock
Jim Elliott based at sun fm kelowna
is regional sales manager
OKS radio TV

august 5/99

cjoc lethbridge

Morning Man was Jim Elliott, Gerry Givens did mid mornings, Ken Tremaine was mid-afternoon host while Jack Thys did afternoon drive and I originally did evenings.

quote from mike cleaver psr mar 4/06
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Postby VancouverTopFortyRadio » Thu Oct 12, 2006 10:51 am

Thanks. I'll pass these comments on to my friend.
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Postby 3XHappy » Sat Oct 21, 2006 7:22 am

If it's the same Jim Elliot, he became Big Jim Elliot of Furniture fame in Edmonton. Then back in radio was a GSM in Northern BC (99-00) then back to Edmonton on a privete venture. Last I heard he's still there.
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Re: Jim Elliott

Postby TGray » Mon Oct 14, 2013 6:56 pm

I don't know if your friend was able to track him down but I just saw this post and wanted to pass along that information that Jim Elliott's great life ended on Feb. 18th of this year. He had an amazing radio career and worked in the industry for over 50 years. He was working at Newcap Radio when he passed away. Radio and his family is what he lived for. Mike Cleaver did an amazing job in his post of listing all the places Jim worked. He leaves 3 children and 2 beautiful grandchildren to remember him plus all of the people he touched along the way. Send me a post if I can answer anything for you about Jim,

His Daughter - Tracie Gray
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Re: Jim Elliott

Postby Jelliott » Sat Sep 09, 2017 6:07 am

Hi, Jims son Jamie here. Found 4 of his commercials from the 80's posted online about a week ago. Here's one of them. Nice to hear his voice again.

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