Looking for DJ Pictures for Vancouver Top 40 Radio

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Looking for DJ Pictures for Vancouver Top 40 Radio

Postby VancouverTopFortyRadio » Thu Jul 30, 2020 9:58 pm

As my website progress through the seventies and into the eighties I find it gets harder and harder to find pictures of the DJs. Fifites and sixties pictures were easy to find as they were usually included on the surveys. But the stations stopped that practice in later years. The Radio West and Vancouver Broadcasters sites have, of course, both been valuable sources, and I've combed and scoured the internet thoroughly. But still there are still some big gaps. And mind you, I’m looking for young personages of these DJs as they looked in those days, long hair and all. Here is a list of some of the DJ shots I’m looking for or, in some cases, better shots than the ones I have:

Stu Ferguson
Ron Abel
Roxanne (?)
Peter Benson (a better shot)
Russ McCloud (a better shot)

Dave Mitchell (mid 70s)
Donny Burns (a better shot)
Mike McCoy
Jay McPhail
Terry Reid (a younger shot)
John Buchanan (aka Saboe)
Sky Walker (aka Darren Lamb)
Howie the Hitman (Cogan)
Pat Cardinal
Tank Montana
Nails Mahoney

Any help would be appreciated.

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