John Francis Cullen: Wanted Man

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John Francis Cullen: Wanted Man

Postby cart_machine » Tue Aug 06, 2019 12:02 am

A blurb about Jack Cullen from the Vancouver Sun, November 29, 1947. I wonder if he invited the officers in for a drink.


Mounties Pounce on Local Disc Jockey—He Wasn't DDT
DDT is not the only disc jockey in trouble.
Jack Cullen, announcer on the "Owl Prowl" 11 p.m.- 1 a.m. record spot on local radio station CKMO, almost got himself into as much trouble on Friday as The Vancouver Sun comic strip character.
The RCMP "pounced" on Jack after they had traced a broadcast to his program.
Jack had given a "boost" to Danny Clinker, used car dealer with a lot "right on the border" who sold "hot" cars at bigger and better prices than anyone else, and "you are assured of a wide choice of models straight from the States." But a listener who had not caught all of the obviously facetious announcement phoned the RCMP, who, always hot on the track of characters who smuggle cars across the border, tracked down Jack Cullen.
When they saw his script they were satisfied. But, take a warning, it shows you just how hot on the track the mounties are, no matter how trivial the clue may be.
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