40 Years Ago...

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40 Years Ago...

Postby cart_machine » Sun Jul 07, 2019 1:13 am

The following was snipped from Denny Boyd's column in the Sun from July 4, 1979. See how many names you know. Dale's last name was misspelled in the column. Randy Knight opened the Media Club on Seymour and Smythe.


It wasn’t the massive egos he worked with that got him, it was a wonky stomach and starting today, Don Wall takes early retirement as vice-president and general manager of CJOR, the basement station that in nine years, he turned from a shaky loser into the flagship of the local talk market. He didn't invent radio talk, but he refined it and made a pile of money for owner Jimmy Pattison. The new general manager will be Neil Soper, 12 years with the station... Elsewhere around Radio Row, Dale Babcock has been tabbed at CKWX to replace news commentator Ray Jacques when Jacques leaves at the end of the year. Randall Knight has left the ‘WX newsroom after three years to open a Davie Street club and former ‘WXer Newfie John Stirling is in Lions Gate Hospital recovering from stomach surgery. (What is it about that business?) . . . CBC-TV and BCTV made a straight swap: Newsman Anton Koschany has left CBC and joins BCTV as assistant assignment reporter while Roger Dickson goes from the BCTV newsroom to CBC as assignment editor. Koschany takes with him his reputation as the reporter who shamed an entire media generation. Before the provincial election, the newsmen following Premier Bill Bennett around the province carried a football with them, hoping to throw it to the premier in an unguarded moment and to re-create that tragic front-page picture of poor Bob (Knuckles) Stanfield fumbling it. The only piece of film the CBC got from the plan was of Koschany dropping the ball while the premier walked by with both hands firmly in his pockets.
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