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Jack Howlett

Postby cart_machine » Mon Nov 26, 2018 10:55 pm

CJOR hired a new announcer in 1927 and his profile and picture are featured on pg. 21 of the March 5, 1927 edition of the Vancouver Sun.
I don't have access to the picture, but here is the article:

HERE'S the possessor of the new voice radions have been hearing every now and then. In addition to GCC over CJOR, Vancouver. Jack Howlett Is a happy addition to local radio circles. Mr. Howlett is the new commercial manager of CJOR and also takes his turn at the microphone. His knowledge of the game is extensive as he came to CJOR from KJR, Seattle, and had previously been connected with other prominent stations down the coast. His experience dates back to 1914. He is an old commercial operator. Mr. Howlett has taken up residence at 2086 Yorke street, Vancouver.

Howlett doesn't appear to have stayed long. He is not in the City Directory and I can't find any reference to him or his wife past a Vancouver Sun story in March 1928. Film Daily of October 25, 1931 has a story datelined Seattle which refers to a Jack Howlett, formerly an engineer with DeForest and Federal Sound System, hired as an engineer and sales rep at Masterphone Sound Corp. This Howlett was born in New Jersey on January 6, 1901, was a sound technician at a motion picture studio (likely MGM) in 1930 and living Culver City, then moved to Seattle for good. In the '50s, he was an electrician in a hardware shop, then the chief engineer for Music by Muzak. He died in Seattle on July 22, 1980.

(GCC was George C. Chandler, the owner of the station).

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