Vancouver Top 40: Site Update: CKLG Morning Zoo Years

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Vancouver Top 40: Site Update: CKLG Morning Zoo Years

Postby VancouverTopFortyRadio » Sat Oct 16, 2021 5:04 pm

The Vancouver Top 40 Radio website has recently been updated with 3 more years of CKLG charts, including:

CKLG 1985 - all charts complete

CKLG 1986 - all charts complete

CKLG 1987 - all charts complete

These years saw the beginning of the famous Morning Zoo hosted by zookeepers Dean Hill and Graham Hatch, along with a memorable supporting cast. Radio would never be the same.

The Index Pages for each of these years contain audio and other memorabilia listed as follows:

1. CKLG 1985
-4 audio clips including the a) Morning Zoo Shower Tape, b) Morning Zoo meets the Volcano, c) LG Hot Hits Jingle Montage, and d) LG 1985 AM Stereo Promo. All audio courtesy of
-Newspaper ads promoting the Morning Zoo and an article from the Vancouver Sun by Denny Boyd.

2. CKLG 1986
-An audio clip featuring Morning Zookeeper Dean Hill trying to scam his listeners into thinking this is his last program. Courtesy of Owen Coppin.
-A YouTube video featuring a TV ad with Dean Hill promoting the Morning Zoo. Courtesy of Radio Rewinder.

-An oh yes, 1986 was the year of Expo 86 and somehow I couldn’t let that year go by without some reminder of that great event. So I engaged in a small act of self-indulgence by including, as a backdrop to the 1986 Index Page, a shot of Expo 86 at night taken on Kodachrome by yours truly, from the roof of the Via Rail station.

3. CKLG 1987
-Five audio clips including a) two Jingle montages, b) two Morning Zoo montages, and c) a short aircheck with late-night DJ John Buchanan (aka John Saboe). All audio courtesy of RadioWest.
-A Morning Zoo article from The Vancouver Province.

More Morning Zoo years with more audio and memorabilia will follow.

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