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Vancouver Top 40: Site Update: C-FUN in the Seventies

Postby VancouverTopFortyRadio » Wed May 06, 2020 8:29 pm

Hi Everyone. Hope you are all safe and well.

Since the last Update the following has been added to the Vancouver Top 40 Radio site:

A new section has been opened devoted to C-FUN in the seventies and eighties. This is a separate section from CFUN in the 50s and 60s. You can navigate there through the “Station Selection Page” (aka Page 2). Select from the five radio station icons the one leading to CFUN in the seventies. This will take you to a new Year Index page devoted to those later years. Here you will find newspaper ads from the Sun and Province that herald the return of C-FUN to the pop/rock music format. And you will also find links to the following:

1. CFUN 1978 Index Page - all charts for the year. The page also contains 4 audio files with jingles from the 1970s “You” series.

2. CFUN 1979 Index Page - all charts for the year. The page also contains 2 audio files with Daryl B and Tom Lucas.


3. CKLG 1978 Index Page - All weekly charts for the year. Plus links to audio with Dan Williams’ last broadcast on LG in June 1979. And a link to audio featuring Fred Latremouille in Dec. 1978.

4. CKLG 1979 Index Page - All weekly charts for the year. Audio: 1979 disco jingle.

On all the CKLG and CFUN charts for the above years there are cross-links to each others’ charts for each given week.


5. CFUN 1963 Index Page - New audio files including jingles - While the charts for 1963 have long been posted, the Index Page has been revamped and expanded to include a large gallery of 12 jingles and 7 other audio files all of which have not been previously been posted. The jingles are from the same package as the familiar “This Is Vancouver” jingle and if you’re a jingle aficionado you’ll find them interesting. Thanks to Owen Coppin for sending these to me several years ago.
On the same page there are also some sound bytes with Red Robinson, Jerry Landa, Tom Peacock and a very brief clip of former BC Lions Running Back Willie Fleming, who had a weekend show on CFUN for a brief time in 1963.

* * * * * * * * * * *
Getting back to CFUN in the 70s & 80s; in the coming months all CFUN charts from 1980 through 1984 will be added. But note that we are still missing most of the charts for 1975, 1976 and 1977, and that is why these earlier years are not being added first. Any help in finding these would be appreciated. The complete want list is at:

Stay safe and stay well

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