CKWX of the '30s

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CKWX of the '30s

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Some squibs from Broadcasting magazine:

IN CONJUNCTION with a series of dramatized fairy tales sponsored by David Spencer, Ltd., department store in Vancouver, B. C., on CKWX, a comic strip was run in local papers in which the story was left unfinished and kids were told to "hear the rest of the story on CKWX." Drawings to be colored were given out by the story and all announcements were made on the air with 8,000 drawings asked for.
- January 15, 1938

CKWX, Vancouver, has started a Wednesday evening series, Union Sea Breeze Interviews, for the Union Steamship Co., specializing in coastal service and summer cruises. The broadcasts, originating from the company's steamers after leaving dock and going out on a shortwave unit, feature interviews with passengers by Fred Bass.
- August 1, 1938

A GENUINE salmon bell with clapper was mailed with tag attached by CKWX, Vancouver, B. C., to commemorate the New Year and the Yuletide, as well as Easter, along with several stanzas of verse. Winding up the poetry is this message: "So remember, my friend, when you've things to sell, CKWX in Vancouver, B. C., rings the bell."
- February 1, 1939

THE Radio Gym Class over CKWX, Vancouver, B. C., began its ninth year in February under the same sponsorship. CKWX also claims a record for remote pickups early last month when Engineer Ross MacIntyre and Announcer Bob Tweedie handled the Western Canada Ski Championships at Revelstoke, using both wires and pack transmitter.
- March 1, 1939

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