Radio News From February 1935

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Radio News From February 1935

Postby cart_machine » Wed May 06, 2015 2:58 am

The weekly Variety out of New York had a Radio Chatter column. For a while, it appears the paper provided a short summary of radio news from B.C. every other week. Here are the two columns for the month of February 1935.

Ernest Colton had a fairly lengthy career singing on local radio. When radio didn’t have a need for live orchestras and vocalists any more, he became a carpenter. Colton was born on January 27, 1902 in London, England, arrived in Canada in May 1906 and died in Vancouver on February 19, 1972.

I’ve always been curious about Laddie Watkis. She went into management at CJOR after a number of years performing on the air. She was born Margaret May Watkis in Pancras, London on May 20, 1902. Her father was Frank Theophilus Watkis, a conductor, accompanist and composer who toured around the world but decided to settle for summers in Victoria starting in 1901. Her mother was musically inclined as well. Eventually her parents divorced and her father returned to England (her mother later committed suicide). Her married name was Fennell, though she was divorced at the time of her death on February 12, 1959. One of the trade papers said she was Treasurer for CJOR at the time but it appears she had been ill for a number of years.

Nice to see one station with a staff elocutionist.

12 February 1935
Western Canada
Sydney Kelland and his Harmony Violins are featured on a new program on the Western Network. Broadcasts originate from George Wright’s CRCV, Vancouver.
CKWX Wandering Vagabond, Wolfgang Schwangart, has left Vancouver for San Francisco to audition at KPO.
George Chandler, CJOR, and Frank Rutland, CKMO, both of Vancouver, attended a convention of the Western Broadcasters at Calgary recently.
Dick Claringbull’s Sparklet programs over CRCV, Vancouver, are prepared by Eileen Robertson.
Cecil Tice is giving a series of talks on farm problems over station CHWK, Chillwack. This is a feature of the British Columbia Electric Co.'s hour.
Reginald M. Dagg, commercial manager of CKWX, Vancouver, and formerly prominently associated with CJOR, was recently married to Julia Ann Campbell.
Ernest Colton, Vancouver baritone, is on new program daily over CKMO.
Colin Lawrence, elocutionist and dramatic teacher, has been engaged by CKCD, Vancouver, as a staff artist and announcer.
Laddie Watkis, CJOR, returned recently from a vacation in Seattle.
One of the newest singers heard over CKCD, Vancouver, is Eleanor Lumsden, only 16 years of age.
Station CJOC, Lethbridge, presenting Eb and Zeb, Cecil and Sally and the mystery drama, ‘The Hawk.’

27 February 1935
Western Canada
A new series of dance programs entitled High Jinks began last week on CFCT, Victoria.
Dean Howes is heard for five minutes daily at CKUA, Edmonton, on rural observations and agriculture news flashes.
CJCA, Edmonton, will soon be operating full time.
Clarence Carville on the Daily Colonist's radio edition over CFCT, Victoria.
Henry Viney, sport news flashes, is scheduled daily on CJOC, Lethbridge.
CFCN, Calgary, emoting the Silver Club orchestra daily.
CHWK, Chilliwack, is rebroadcasting short wave programs.
Ed and Zeb now have a berth at CJCA, Edmonton.
Buster Morgan and his Lone Star Buckaroos are back at CJOR, Vancouver.
Calvin Winter is again directing the Home Gas Concert orchestra at CRCV, Vancouver.
Slim Hunter and his Rustlers now on CFCT, Victoria.
Helen Worden and Dixie Stewart are together in Rhapsodies In Rhythm. Program comes from CFCN, Calgary, and is a Canadian Radio Commission show.

Radio Reports
Drama and Music
15 Mins
CJOR, Vancouver, B. C.
Song and patter idea has been incorporated in a series of programs over CJOR twice a week. Principals are Alan Roughton and Horace Chapman, both singers. Plot is woven around Alan, a householder, and his fruit vendor, Tony. Alan has discovered that his fruit merchant has a beautiful voice, and the two become friends. Tony is invited to the home of Alan for a musical evening.
Esther Roughton is the pianist.
Alan Roughton is the author of the script.

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Re: Radio News From February 1935

Postby jon » Wed May 06, 2015 8:06 am

cart_machine wrote:CJCA, Edmonton, will soon be operating full time.

This comes less than four months after Taylor and Pearson was selected by CJCA's owner, the Edmonton Journal, to take over management and operation of CJCA from Journal staff member Dick Rice, who signed the station on in May 1922. Rice had also bid on the assignment.

Full-time operation was one of many improvements that Taylor and Pearson implemented soon after they took over. Power was doubled, a new transmitter site was built, and studios were moved to the new CPR Building digs just built by Taylor and Pearson for their own station, CFTP, which they were forced to sell, and Dick Rick was happy to buy and turn into CFRN.
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