Is a Vancouver FM station considering moving to all sports?

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Re: Is a Vancouver FM station considering moving to all spor

Postby Aaron » Fri Mar 19, 2021 5:49 pm

Marathon wrote:
Aaron wrote:
Marathon wrote:Yeah sure, dump a 3.4 FM to rebroadcast a 0.4 AM

I mean you're using useless 2+ numbers (from when there were two stations in the format), but for what it's worth that's what the situation looked like in Ottawa too. I'm not arguing that it's a great idea, but rather pointing out that Rogers has already done it.

Fair enough.....
Yeah sure, dump a 3.9 FM to rebroadcast a 1.1 AM

Anyhow, I don't see it happening for a couple of reasons.

First off I don't think the move with the Smiths Falls station is a good comparison as all news is a very different animal from all sports and the impression that I always had was that those stations were kind of an afterthought.

Second, from what I understand Julie Adam the SVP of radio for Rogers is very much an advocate for the KISS brand and CHR as a format, so unless it's a forced on her from the higher ups I don't see it happening.

Also, wouldn't Bell's move on 1040 indicate that it's a money losing venture?

I think this rumour was started by the displaced 1040 hosts, but it's fun to speculate.

I completely agree that the rumours are likely started by 1040 hosts.

Yes, Julie is an advocate for KISS. She's an advocate for everything she's in charge of. It's her job and she's great at it.

Bell got out of a two-station war that was bad for both stations; it's just unusual for the clear winner to bow out first. Sports radio can be profitable in Vancouver though, and Rogers is now the only one in a position to make it so.
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Re: Is a Vancouver FM station considering moving to all spor

Postby Marathon » Fri Mar 19, 2021 11:15 pm

Yes, I agree Julie is smart an savvy. my point was that her background is more with music stations more specifically AC, CHR and Country. Obviously, if she thought simulcasting 650 on 104.9 would make more money than CHR she would be in favour of it, as anyone in that position would. I just think it would be difficult to sell her on the idea. 104.9 as a CHR station can probably be fixed but overall I think the format isn't on solid ground at the moment, but that's the nature of CHR.

If you look at what Bell did across the country with the TSN stations, they kept the ones where they had the hockey rights or where they were the only sports station in the market.
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