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Postby Pop_Shop_Radio » Thu Dec 31, 2020 5:00 pm

Hi all ...

My name is Tony, and I am the host, producer, MD, PD, et al for Pop Shop Radio. The show is produced here in Hope and is on the air every week. It is transmitted on shortwave, legally I might add, by Radio 292 in Germany on shortwave. It is on 6070 khz (10 kw non-directional) and 9670 khz (10 kw beamed to Canada and the US). Every fourth show is a special and is also on 3955 khz (10 kw non-directional). It is on at 1500 UTC which is 7 AM PST, although this weeks New Year's 'Northern Soul Special' is on at 2200 UTC and 2300 UT (2 PM and 3 PM PST) on all 3 frequencies.

The show has been on the air since the beginning of September and has received reports from all over Europe including Russia, India, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, the USA as well as here in Canada.

It is an old style Top-40 DJ show specialising in the stuff you don't hear on the radio as far as oldies go .. thinks that didn't make the Top 20 (21 to bubbling under to flops!), non-English versions for the Euro-audience, lost oldies that never get played anymore, and a roots feature that will reach back as far as the 30s -- all done with jingles and Top-40 style personality. Yeah, I know its anachronistic in that regard, but the audience loves it based on the reports I get.

Past shows have been all non-English versions and an all Canadian show including jungles from CHUM, CKLW, CFUN, CKLG, CHED etc.

That get to my question. I want to do a tribute/ re-creation of CKGO from here in Hope. I do have a copy of a playlist from CKGO back in 1979, but that is all I have. I am seeking any airchecks or CKGO jingles that I might be able to use as a part of the recreation. I'd like to air the show over Canada Day 2021. Can anyone help?

Oh -- I have a (very simple) website for the show with podcast version of the shows that have aired. Its on

Its been 32 years since I was on the air -- last heard on Saturday nights at FM 104 - WLSW in Connelsville Pennsylvania and 1570 WQTW in Latrobe PA weekdays, so I am a bit rough, but its all coming back to me

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