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Terry Schintz

Postby cart_machine » Fri Aug 07, 2020 7:54 pm

My best wishes go to Terry Schintz, who has left the 'NW newsroom.

Terry was one of the originals at CKWX News 1130 in 1996, coming from Calgary, and left the following year to go to the Black Tower. He was a fair, hard-working guy, and provided good support and encouragement to new people coming in.

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Re: Terry Schintz

Postby Talker » Sun Aug 09, 2020 11:03 am

From one Terry to another:
Good luck Mr. Schintz in anything you choose to do in the future.
I still miss the moustache!
Be healthy and happy.
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Re: Terry Schintz

Postby Howaboutthat » Sun Aug 09, 2020 4:36 pm

What I have heard, he was shown the door. I never worked with him but I have heard he was one of the good guys. I've heard it's not the end of the cuts at corus radio either
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Re: Terry Schintz

Postby Jim Walters » Sun Aug 09, 2020 8:36 pm

Remember when NW was actually BC's News Leader? The way they've gutted one of the most respected stations in all of Canada is totally disgusting.

Frank Griffiths must be spinning in his grave.

For the past week, NW has been off the air most evenings. What happened to the days when transmitter work was done in the middle of the night?

With Schintz gone now, the talent pool is very, very shallow.
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Re: Terry Schintz

Postby the-real-deal » Tue Dec 15, 2020 2:34 am

"Schintzie" is back ! It appears that long time broadcast journalist Terry Schintz has recently been "reincarnated" at News1130, doing the morning news desk.

But, nobody gives a damn on this forum. No mention, at all ?

Just go to Terry's twitter account and see the comments from virtually everyone in the news business. Respect is a big deal in this biz. He was a beloved yet skilful newsman, one of the best in this town. Contrast that with Neil McCrea, a very rude and arrogant personality. People liked Schintzie, a rare quality.

This is great news for journalism, everywhere, for the general pubic, and for the immediate future of radio news in Vancouver. You don't easily throw a talent like Terry Schintz into the dumpster.

Of course, even the frugal Rogers Radio recognized that you can't go cheap and cutback forever in the news department.

However, there have been so many cutbacks at News 1130, that I have frankly lost count at the actual number of firings. It seems that the station's only identifiable feature is incessant change, like a McDonald's hamburger franchise crew changing every three months.

The station's on air lineup is completely different than even five years ago. This year alone, Bruce Claggett, Jim Benny, Russ Lacate and their long time business reporter, Richard Dettman, either are done, or will be soon retiring. Jim Benny was considered one of the best newspeople that they ever had in Vancouver radio.

It would have been nice if both Schintz and Benny still worked together, but Benny apparently did not like getting up early ?

As far as CKNW and other stations go, they will survive for now, (and they still have lots of listeners), but maybe, there will be even more bloodletting of staff until essentially, BCIT grads will take over the news business at virtually every major market station in Canada ! You will have one token veteran, in each news room, and the rest will be junior news readers and reporters who will learn the business at the expense of lower journalistic standards and butcherings.

Rogers Radio has pretty much set the tone for its radio division by decimating the Toronto Blue Jays, two or three years ago, by firing or trading all of their most expensive star players, (i.e. Bautista, Tulowitski, Stroman, Justin Smoak, Encarnation, Donaldson, Kevan Pillar, plus others, I cannot remember) and replaced them with "BCIT level" AAA and AA players.

The end result is that the "BCIT" Blue Jays (LOL) had three consecutive, stinky, below .500 seasons and even this past year, the team barely finished over .500.

I am a long time Blue Jays baseball fan, but I stopped watching them, years ago.

Meanwhile, it's clear that us Rogers cell phone subscribers pay for the shortfalls caused by their radio division and pro sports teams.

At least "Schintzie" is back, though ! :violent1:
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