McBride's CFPV Pemberton denied renewal

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McBride's CFPV Pemberton denied renewal

Postby radiofan » Fri Feb 28, 2020 9:15 am

CFPV-FM Pemberton – Non-renewal of licence

The Commission denies the application from CFPV-FM Radio Ltd. to renew the broadcasting licence for the English-language commercial radio station CFPV-FM Pemberton, British Columbia.

Given the severity and recurrence of the current instances of non-compliance; the station’s history and the licensee’s actions, which clearly demonstrate its poor understanding of its conditions of licence and regulatory obligations, or a lack of willingness to respect them; the licensee’s demonstrated inability to implement the necessary measures to ensure compliance; and its disregard for the Commission’s authority and for its responsibilities as a broadcaster, the Commission is not convinced that the imposition of conditions of licence, the imposition of a mandatory order, a suspension of the licence or a short-term licence would be effective measures. Consequently, the Commission finds that not renewing the licence is the only appropriate measure in the circumstances.

Read the full decision here:
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