McBride's CKPM DENIED license renewal!

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McBride's CKPM DENIED license renewal!

Postby radiofan » Fri Feb 28, 2020 9:05 am

CKPM-FM Port Moody – Non-renewal of licence
The Commission denies the application from CKPM-FM Radio Ltd. to renew the broadcasting licence for the English-language commercial radio station CKPM-FM Port Moody, British Columbia.

CKPM-FM is currently off the air and has been so for several months. The Commission is of the view that the station contributes nothing towards meeting the objectives set out in the Broadcasting Act and does not provide a service to the residents of the community that it is licensed to serve.

Given the severity and recurrence of the current instances of non-compliance; the station’s history and the licensee’s actions, which clearly demonstrate its poor understanding of its conditions of licence and regulatory obligations, or a lack of willingness to respect them; the licensee’s demonstrated inability to implement the necessary measures to ensure compliance; and its disregard for the Commission’s authority and for its responsibilities as a broadcaster, the Commission is not convinced that the imposition of conditions of licence, the imposition of a mandatory order, a suspension of the licence or a short-term licence renewal would be effective measures. Consequently, the Commission finds that not renewing the licence is the only appropriate measure in the circumstances.

Read the full decision here:
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Re: McBride's CKPM DENIED license renewal!

Postby Jim Walters » Fri Feb 28, 2020 10:00 am

Wow. Thank you CRTC for finally dealing with this joke of a situation. Listening to the hearing, I was almost afraid the commissioners were believing the bull shit that came out of McBride's mouth.

I wonder if anyone in Port Moody has missed CKPM for the almost 2 years it's been off the air?

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