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corp radio rules

Postby radio knob » Fri Dec 20, 2019 11:33 pm

Is this what your industry has turned into or did I just pick a bad night? Gonna ride the bike at the gym tonight lets go for some memories and classic rock from my vancouver days. CFMI 101. How offensive could they be - in the can classic rock you can't muck that up. Just before 9pm. Weds night.(early dec). Start the TuneIN app on the ipad. Commercial, commercial , commercial.... ok maybe just hit a patch of time they had to make up. A contest announcement coming up? Another and another. Is the is app? No these are all Van ads. Ok this is weird, its not 9 AM , have I time traveled somehow? Still riding and I will wait..... Ok maybe this is the last ads and they go through the night ad free from here out..... 10 SOLID minutes of ads then comes ZZ Top. Annnnnnddddd another commercial. Back to Spotify for the rest of the ride. Maybe I just hit a staff party night and they were cutting the cake at that time for current round of layoffs. Yikes!
Pros chime in.
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