Former Vancouver broadcaster Sharryn Graham passes

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Former Vancouver broadcaster Sharryn Graham passes

Postby radiofan » Thu Sep 12, 2019 9:13 am

I don’t know if you knew her, or ever worked with her, but we’ve lost Sharryn…...

From Doreen Copeland:

Sad news to share with the Vancouver radio community – my dear friend and former Vancouver broadcaster, Sharryn Graham has passed away.

Sharryn’s radio career included stints at LG73, KISS FM and Mountain FM. In 1986 Sharryn was chosen by Frank Callaghan to co-host the morning show for the launch of Vancouver’s first FM country station, 93.7FM JR Country. Frank knew talent, and he hit the jackpot hiring Sharryn – smart, funny and a life-long country music fan. Throughout her nine years at JR, Sharryn MC’d hundreds of concerts and events, interviewed a who’s who of country music, and hosted many trips with listeners to Nashville. In 1995 Sharryn was honoured with the On Air Personality of the year award from the BC Country Music Association.

Post radio, Sharryn went back to school and became a corporate trainer and career coach. She created a charity to assist Ugandan refugees, raising thousands of dollars to help refugee families settling in Vancouver. Sharryn never retired – she developed several home-based passions, including a high-end gift-wrapping service with clients that included Lulu Lemon, Telus, Tesla and the film industry.

Sharryn’s dog sitting business became the heart of the dog community in the west end. A life very well lived, and a huge loss for those of us who were blessed to be her friend. Sharryn is survived by her brother Randy, son Jodie and family, and her partner, Bruce.
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Re: Former Vancouver broadcaster Sharryn Graham passes

Postby Tom Mark » Thu Sep 12, 2019 9:53 am

This is an extremely sad day for those of us who knew and worked for Sharryn. And of course, those fans of hers who loved to start their day with here. I worked with Sharryn in those early days of JR Country. While for the first two years I was on the air I did the morning news across the hall on CJOR but was very much involved with Sharryn and Frank in rolling that station along and when I took over reading the morning news in 1988 it was a blast to share the air time with those two. Sharryn was a bright light who could always make you life and was the perfect foil for Frank. She was giving of her time and friendship and whenever we took in events, especially the annual JR Country music festival in Fort Langley, Sharryn's effervescence was a crowd pleaser. She was also a humanitarian and you could see that from her life after radio. The last time I saw her was at Frank' s memorial and for that I have regrets. I'm sure they will soon be hosting another morning show in the heavens and giving everyone a great time. You will be missed Sharryn.
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Re: Former Vancouver broadcaster Sharryn Graham passes

Postby cart_machine » Thu Sep 12, 2019 6:46 pm

This just blows, R.F.

Nobody ever spoke a bad word about Sharryn. She was friendly to everyone and tireless. I never saw her in a bad mood.

She and Frank Callaghan had a great rapport on the air and was always able to zing him with an "Oh, Frank!" if he told some tired old joke.

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Re: Former Vancouver broadcaster Sharryn Graham passes

Postby Joe Leary » Fri Sep 13, 2019 1:41 am

This one really hurts. I had the good fortune to work down the hall from JR Country - as it should still be known - and working the morning show on CHRX, I really got to know Frank and more specifically, Sharryn. Frank was a man of no words and Sharryn was an absolute blast of a human being. When we all look back on this broadcast life, we realize that there are those that intersected with us along the way that had impact. I never worked directly with Sharryn; but being in the building and working alongside her over the years and the numerous collective staff functions we attended and hosted, I came to really appreciate what she was about. Frank and Sharryn reside among Vancouver's all-time great radio duos. Rest in Peace Sharryn!!!
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Re: Former Vancouver broadcaster Sharryn Graham passes

Postby albertaboy4life » Sat Sep 14, 2019 8:50 am

In memory of Sharryn we've posted a couple of airchecks from her time with Frank Callaghan on JR Country -

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