CKNW 980 signal issue

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CKNW 980 signal issue

Postby kal » Mon Jun 17, 2019 1:14 pm

Anyone know what is amiss with the NW 980 signal? Last night I simply could not listen to the feed due to a loud noise. I then attributed it to some sort of interference in the neighborhood.

However, today, while driving in the Tri-cities, I noticed the same problem. You simply could not listen to the broadcast as the noise was almost equal in volume. This time the noise was intermittent, there for minutes at a time, then gone. No other frequencies on my car radio were affected.

Since posting about this on Twitter I've heard from someone in Langley who noticed the same thing. The station itself has not replied to a question asking about this.
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Re: CKNW 980 signal issue

Postby Aaron » Mon Jun 17, 2019 2:40 pm

We get it; you don't like Drex.
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Re: CKNW 980 signal issue

Postby radiofan » Mon Jun 17, 2019 6:44 pm

The engineers could be doing prep work at the TX site getting ready to add 600 who will be sharing the site once they get on the air.

They'd likely be at lower power or possibly even using the emergency TX down at the TD tower.
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