Bob Mills leaving the Power 104 morning show in May

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Bob Mills leaving the Power 104 morning show in May

Postby radiofan » Sat Mar 02, 2019 8:35 pm

Entertainment posted Mar 2, 06:00am by Josh Duncan
Bob Mills leaving the Power 104 morning show in May

A legend in the Kelowna radio world is leaving the airwaves this spring.

Power 104 program director Jasmin Doobay has confirmed that the station will be making a change to its morning show and Bob Mills’ final day on air will be May 10.

“It’s never easy to decide when to make a change,” Doobay told NowMedia. “But you know a change is going to happen at some point and when do you do it?”

For the station that’s topped the adults 25-54 demographic for the past two years, the change is coming while they’re on top.

Doobay hopes that Mills will continue occasional work with the station and his departure doesn’t take anything away from the impressive legacy he’s left on both the station and the radio industry.

“Best mentor I’ve ever had, for sure,” Doobay said of Mills. “(He) knows the balance of finding great talent, teaching them, encouraging them to be the best and having the autonomy to make the decisions they need to make in their roles to be the best.”

He’s the type of leader who will let you fly and grow, says Doobay, something she’s seen time and time again with Mills during their time together.

“I have seen him help so many people get to where they want to be in the broadcast industry,” she said. “(He’s) super compassionate, always has an ear for everybody and knows the business inside and out.”

Mills has spent 12 years as part of the Power 104 morning show, 17 years with the station in general and 48 years in the radio industry.

It goes without saying that his shoes will be big ones to fill and the man being brought in to do that is Kieran Wilkie.

Read the full story at: ... ow_in_May/
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Re: Bob Mills leaving the Power 104 morning show in May

Postby Howaboutthat » Sat Mar 02, 2019 10:28 pm

Wow. Reading the article it doesn't appear that Mills had a choice.
This has the fingerprints of Ross Winters all over it. Take the number 1 morning show at the number 1 commercial station and blow it up.
I've only been in the area for a couple of years, but Power has been my go-to station. The Bobs in the morning are great together.
Dumb move and I hope if Mills wants to keep rockin, I hope K96 will make him an offer.
Thanks Bob!
Houston, We're dealing with morons!.
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Re: Bob Mills leaving the Power 104 morning show in May

Postby sparky » Mon Mar 04, 2019 5:07 pm

Wow. A moronic move if ever there was one. Looks to me like it's another case of a GM with an accounting background trying to make himself look good to HO by cutting costs at a very successful station.

Perhaps this move is the revenge of Ross Winters going back to the days when Mills was programming CFOX and he had Larry & Willie in the morning and best Winters could counter with at CFMI was importing a couple of hayseeds from Winnipeg, Tom & Jerry. There wasn't much competition there, they lasted about three months before they were given Greyhound tickets to make their way back to The Peg.

Regardless of the reasoning, I wish Bob well and do hope he re-appears somewhere in the market and bites these idiots in the ass. He's been a major part of my mornings since I relocated to the Okanagan several years ago.
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Re: Bob Mills leaving the Power 104 morning show in May

Postby GrumpyOldMan » Mon Mar 04, 2019 5:21 pm

OMG! Tom & Jerry. The one trick ponies who kept beating the “politically correct” dead horse.

I have yet to hear anything positive about Ross Winters from anyone. I don’t see/hear any discernible improvement at the PEAK. Just the same old reduce the library to 100 songs, rinse repeat. Pattinson stations to me were always more free form and creative, which made Winters a bizarre choice.
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Re: Bob Mills leaving the Power 104 morning show in May

Postby Russ_Byth » Fri May 10, 2019 9:38 am

Today was Bob's last show. Great to hear so many people he has worked with over the years be a part of the show. I walked into the studio at 6:29 and ended up reading the 6:30 news.. which was fun! Happy to contribute a little bit to the event. Enjoy retirement my friend and thanks to you and Jazz for bringing me on board 6 years ago. Peace! (For some of the clips and tributes, check out the Power104 FB page)
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